Big Top Zorro

Big Top Zorro
The Legend Of My Father -- THE BIG TOP ZORRO and his MAFIOSI version of the HEADLESS HORSEMAN is so engraved in the hearts and minds of concessionaires in THE ALFRESCO WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT that tradition and paranoid superstition require that they cross themselves and first look for any signs of THE MAN IN BLACK before daring to enter the sacrosanct domain of THE BIG TOPS NOTORIOUS BAD DON. Unlike me, they hardly remember him for playing his guitar. Each year on my dear PAPA's birthday, in solemn remembrance of his dedicated perfectionism, concessionaires cease all attempts at selling their wares and observe a moment of silence. It's a costly tribute, but one that helps these hard working junk food pitchmen sleep less fitfully throughout the length of the Circus season.
As for myself -- although I never ascended to that much coveted throne of Queen Of The Circus which my delusions of grandeur pointed to as my proper place in life -- I did in time thanks to the Meme Mind Virus I inherited from my Father the Headless Horseman -- finally achieved the dubious distinction of being elevated to the status of "La Principessa De La Nervosa". A title bestowed on me for my unparallel ability to go off the deep end at the slightest provocation --- which is why to this very day yours truly "The Asymmetric Big Top Revolutionary" is far more adept at trying to fix what's wrong with everybody else than trying to fix what's wrong with MOI.
I would have hoped -- that as A Wise Latina Woman like myself, with the richness of my experience, I would have made better choices than that which was presented to me by STUPID WHITE MEN and OFF THE WALL GODFATHER TYPES who play the GUITAR. Alas, that was not to be the case.
Sorry Dr. Dyer, The "No Excuses" Paradigm Of Reality simply does not exist in my Universe.
The Part Of PAPA to be played by: A YOUNG AL PACINO

I learned some very important things from my Father apart from the fact that, "Airs Above the Ground" ranks higher than "Junk Food" in the overall consideration of life's priorities. An "Aha Moment" for every ambitious concessionaire seeking solvency under The Big Top. That is "The Big Top" as it pertained to "Mama Corliani's 3 Ring Circus & Wild West Show" where Law and Order was a mere afterthought as opposed to a way of life. In the rough and tumble no holds barred zone of "The Alfresco World Of Entertainment" in which I was raised, Music & Muscular Diplomacy went hand in hand. Each and every member of our extended clan of "Center Ring Performers & Wild West Show Entertainers" were not only handy with their fist --- each had individually achieved a measure of excellence at the instrument of their choice. 

I played the piano and by extension "The Calliope." Together, when we weren't otherwise occupied with fighting amongst ourselves we could, when the occasion called for it -- make beautiful music together. However, fighting per se was not so much a carry over from frontier days as it was a necessary ingredient in keeping a level playing field on our "Mafioso Midway." We all looked so much alike, acted so much alike, and were so equally imbued by similar tastes and talents that the only means left to us by which to differentiate was to "Punch Each Others Lights Out."

"Music" which is said to sooth the savage beast goes a long way towards convincing you of the authenticity of your genteel nature -- especially if accompanied by the religious convictions of a lapsed Catholic. For us there was always the loophole of that weekly confessional. It's comforting to know that no matter how much blood you have on your hands, either figuratively or literally, you still have the option of unloading the weight of your sins on some Priestly being whose hands are probably as dirty as yours are. In which case, passing the buck will only cost you a number of "Hail Mary's," several "Acts Of Contrition," and/or X amount of repetitions of "The Lords Prayer."  If you're especially bad --- you can clean up your entire act and wipe the slate clean by saying "The Holy Rosary" in its entirety. Obviously, The World Of The Supernatural has its ongoing benefits. Which is why to this very day no amount of pragmatism foisted on me by the anal retentive practitioners of Anglo Saxon unity has ever been able to separate me from the more mystical aspects of life. My Gypsy Grandmother saw to that!