Cody Cheyenne

Project Working Title No.# 3
(Subject to change)
The Nine Lives and Multiple Legends
Wild Bellisima Cody
Sawdust and Spangled Outlaw of The West
On The Warpath
Barnum’s Bad Girl of the Big Top
The Off The Wall Under The Rainbow Gang
Ghost Rider A.C.B. (PEN NAME)
Cody Cheyenne
The Singing Cowgirl
El Gringo
The Smartest Horse on The Tanbark Trail  

Not since Poncho Villa invaded America, Judge Roy Bean passed the bar, The Donner Party dined on The Dear Departed, Sitting Bull went into Show Business,


Annie Oakley joined the Circus, Calamity Jane wrecked the Sideshow and Buffalo Bill out Barnumed Barnum has a stranger story with such perilous consequences and a more colorful cast of characters ever galloped out of The Old West to leap onto the pages of Dime Novel Immortality!  If it wasn’t true – you wouldn’t believe it!


Before there was a Theatre, an Opera, a Ballet or any other kind of entertainment in America    -- there was a Circus – and with that Circus there was a fighting frontier “famiglia” whose Machiavellian players Spawned a blood feud that created The Original Spaghetti Western!

You can no more separate the Circus from The Wild West than you can separate Butch Cassidy from The Sundance Kid!

This is the story of a West that was a whole lot wilder than you ever thought it was. It’s the part of Americana they didn’t tell you about! Or were afraid to….

It’s the sensational generational saga of the most colorful and controversial family in Big Top History whose dare devil equestrian roots and circus artistry span two continents and extend from The Greatest Show On Earth to the wildest of all Wild West Shows. But until now little has been revealed of their Frontier Heritage or the presence of extended members of their clan in the wild and wooly taming of The West.
Unfortunately not even the likes of Wild Bill Hickok could tame a wild bunch who could ride galloping steeds at break neck speed standing straight upright and backwards if necessary while brandishing a colt 45 in one hand and Bolo, Bull Whip, or Lasso in the other!
It’s the Believe It Or Not Tale of The Off The Wall Under The Rainbow Gang whose daring exploits, fast getaways, gymnastic free for alls and mysterious and magical disappearing acts make the escapades of The Hole In The Wall Gang seemed downright tame!
It’s the “Ride Em Cowboy” Legend of a Maverick Circus Queen turned outlaw that makes The Legend of Jesse James sound like a bedtime story!

It’s the story of Cody Cheyenne nicknamed as a child for a Famous Frontier Circus and Wild West Show of the Past. Obsessed with success and desire to make it in Hollywood. She heads West with her beloved trick horse “El Gringo” and $20.00 bucks in her pocket. With the help of her uncle, a former World Champion all Around Cowboy turned Hollywood Stuntman and an old Circus Crony Col. Tom Parker she becomes a Singing Cowgirl of The Silver Screen and goes on to create her own Empire with her records, her T.V. Series and her own signature Western Clothing Line (P.S. you can order one of Cody Cheyenne’s personally designed T- SHIRTS online).

But this is not just wild Bellisima Cody’s story or The Legend of The Under The Rainbow Gang or the fabled and feared Maverick Circus Queen Turned Outlaw who led them. Nor is it only Cody Cheyenne’s Story of Rags to Riches. It’s the story of a unique people and an exotic culture of rugged individualists who like the Wild Mustangs of the West COULD NOT BE TAMED even after the closing of The Great American Western Frontier. The Wild Bunch who extended the Freedoms of the frontier even after the frontier itself was closed! The heretofore widely unheralded Frontier Heroes Of The Tanbark Trail who like millions of other immigrants who came to The Promised Land of Beginning Again in some cases fleeing persecution, discrimination, and deprivation to stake their claim on their own unique piece of THE AMERICAN DREAM ---A dream which finally comes full circle in HIGH NOON IN CIRCUS CITY and THE GREAT HEY RUBE REBELLION OF CITIZEN SCREWED. Inspired by actual events that occurred with the HOMETOWN BETRAYAL of a Florida town that turned its back on its own legacy and the very people who put it on the map –BARNUM’S BAD GIRL OF THE BIG TOP fights back in the shocking conclusion and surprise ending of HOW THE WEST WAS WON ALL OVER AGAIN!

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