Dime Novel Theater

But The Mystery of This Story is “Who is the Real Citizen Screwed”
1.     Is it Barnum’s Bad Girl of The Big Top who had to turn Outlaw to defend herself?
2.     Is it Cody Cheyenne who had to give up an 8-generation heritage to make it BIG IN AN ARTIFICIAL ECONOMY?
3.     Is it the people who died on 911 because their government failed to adequately protect them from Terrorists?
4.     Or is it you – the U.S. CITIZENS who’ve been screwed out of THE AMERICAN DREAM
The following Dime Novel Theatre is an attempt to recreate the very beginnings of BARNUM’S Bad Girl ancestry and her search for “The Under The Rainbow Gang and the answer to their disappearance and their reasons for turning Social Outlaw as she did.

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