Kaleidoscope Frontier


Wherein what is truth and what is reality is an ever changing panorama of shapes colors and rainbow reflections within which those of us who can find no fulfillment, acceptance or camaraderie in the Black and White 3 Dimensional World outside this Surreal Sinner sanctum can search the highly stratified community of contrasts within to find that blessed freedom to differentiate absent of any moral judgment or social stigma or even the watchful eye of Big Brother whose X-Ray vision is unable to penetrate its invisible barriers. It’s like a one way mirror. Those of us within can see out and those left out in the cold can only see their own reflected ideas of reality as confined to the limitations pre-scribed by those who have a vested interest in keeping you chained to their agenda in the prison of your mind.

The Kaleidoscope frontier was the STAR GATE of another era, which acted as an escape hatch for those of us who were under-whelmed by the asphyxiating environment of a XEROX WORLD. Even before the technology was available the concept was in place. Then GOD sent a Ferris Wheel, a Wild West Show, and a Midway and it happened at the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition when George Washington Ferris’ 1300 ton, 200 foot high wheel amazed over a million and a half patrons on the sky high machine’s 20 minute orbit. The first voyage to outer space and A STAR GATE SENSATION!

Just outside the fairground gates was another phenomenon. Cowboys and Indians, Horses and Buffalo, Sharp Shooters and Archery Experts, Stage Coaches and Stage Robbers, Rough riders and Equestrians from around the world who were performing with an outdoor attraction that almost eclipsed the wondrous Barnum and Bailey Circus in size and scope. Buffalo Bills Wild West Show around which a multitude of satellite attractions and independent operators gathered to form the worlds first MIDWAY and CARNIVAL.

A conglomerate “happening” so immediately popular even LITTLE EGYPT took time out of her busy schedule of bumps and grinds to see what all of the fuss was about! A quantum leap in Politics from Barnum’s Freedom Papers to Little Egypt and The Chicago world Fair but even Little Egypt would have to admit that his concepts of freedom had survived the trip. And then some!

Buffalo Bills Wild West Show had proven so successful that in order to compete most circuses there after augmented their performances with an additional Wild West “After Show” which included “Cowboy Poetry”, Western Bands Blue Grass, Folk Music and just about anything and everything they could come up with that pertained to “The Wild West”, whether it did or not.

It was out of this strange mix of Frontiersman, Cowboys and Indians, Circus Performers, Carnivals, Sideshows, Medicine Shows, Strip Shows, Wild Animal Exhibits, Tent Evangelists, Black Song and Dance Reviews, Blue Grass Entertainers and all the diverse elements of Tented Worlds which traveled along The Tanbark Trail that a new Frontier was formed-THE KALEIDOSCOPE FRONTIER. A DIME NOVEL THEATRE OF A THIRD KIND.

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