Outlaw Circus

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The Part Of Big Bad Ben to Be Played By: Academy Award Nominee MICKEY ROURKE


Just as Forrest Gump taught Elvis to dance -- legend has it, that the inspiration for Jail House Rock came from Big Bad Ben’s Outlaw Express.

That big place that Elvis refers to in the next video as being “way out yonder” was none other than Big Bad Ben’s escaped con & ex-con circus hideout in Gonzales, Texas -- where his “Guests” conjured up their version of Jail House Rock from past fond memories of life in the can & Big Bad Ben’s former outdoor prison life on the chain gang.

Since --- as I’ve already mentioned elsewhere on “The Greatest Show In CyberspaceCol. Tom Parker knew Big Ben well as a former partner along with Foxy Hoxie & Medicine Showman Bartok. All three came up with the money for the Colonel to buy Elvis’ contract from Sam Philips who owned Sun Records. Much to their everlasting regret, they didn’t partner with Col. Tom Parker on the deal, but they did lend him the “scratch” to pull it off! If they hadn’t Elvis might have taken the advice given him by “The Grand Ole Opry” to quit show biz and go back to driving a truck.

Thereafter --- anytime Elvis wanted to get away from it all and play with guns -- as was his dangerous delight… The Colonel took him to Gonzales Texas or somewhere out “on the road” where the Outlaw Express was traveling and Elvis had the time of his life playing cops & robbers or making fast getaways from the Circus Trains Caboose -- far away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

The following "True-Lies Psychodrama" & "Honest Humbug Cyber Spectacle" was inspired by an outrageous & authentic Circus Legend. My very own "in law" turned "outlaw" extremophile from the wrong side of the circus tracks. The despotic ex-con and monster in law with whom I share the obscene distinction of having committed Circusdoms most reviled and despicable sin. The sin of having "Burned Up The Territory!" A scenario not to be confused with the Gilo Pontecorvo, Marlon Brando movie masterpiece called "BURN", but rather a mia culpa transgression, the explanation for which will soon be forthcoming. As soon as I muster the courage to fess-up!

Sin per se and the prospect of burning in hell was not a concern of the proud and perverse Grand Poo Bah of the morally misguided, socially irredeemable BIG BAD BEN and his modus operandi of "doing it to them, before they do it to you." He'd already been there and determined that next time he wasn't going it alone and planned to take as many as he could with him. Myself included! Such was my "edutainment" in Social Darwinism Circus Style and "Survival Of The Fittest" according to "The Outlaw Persuasion," compounded by the confusing conundrum of my own out of body experiences on "The Extreme Circus Of Big Bad Ben." The riotous, renegade world of "The Circus Of Last Resort" where once upon a time in a derelict Deja Vue West, long before "Shock & Awe," I learned the meaning of "The Doctrine Of Pre-Emption" in a "War Of The Worlds" being staged on the largest and most notorious Sho-Biz enterprise that ever road the rails ... 

Big Bad Ben's To hell & Back