In the early days of P.T. BARNUM’S career he was a newspaper man much given to unpopular causes which he espoused with fervor and passion. Among the now little known underground newspapers he printed was a protest paper called THE FREEDOM PAPERS in which he often printed inflammatory political editorials as to his opinion of the status quo and THE STATE OF THE UNION offering his own solutions to the problems of the day and the sad condition of the nation as seen through his liberal eye, which most often ran contrary to the strict establishment policies of the times and the stilted Victorian attitude of the era. Throughout his career he was a staunch advocate of speaking out on matters, which were important to him and made full use of his constitutional right to free speech and freedom of expression, and yes he did say ”THERE IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE” but knowing as he did that the last refuge of the tyrant is PATRIOTISM- MY COUNTRY RIGHT OR WRONG-The SUCKER he was referring to was THE SUCKER POLITICAL DEMAGOGUERY MAKES OUT OF ITS CONSTITUENCY.

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