This is a story of the West that is a whole lot wilder than you ever thought it was. It’s the part of Americana they didn’t tell you about --- or were afraid to!

Written from the perspective of a maverick descendant of both The Quintessential Legend of The West and The Royal Family of The Circus, it’s the story of a unique people and an exotic culture who extended the freedoms of The Frontier long after The Frontier itself had closed. The heretofore widely unheralded Frontier Heroes of The Tanbark Trail who like millions of other immigrants fled persecution, discrimination, and deprivation in order to stake A CLAIM on their own unique piece of The American Dream. A Dream both realized and lost when it finally comes full circle with the ultimate betrayal by the Florida Town that not only turned its back on its own legacy as CIRCUS CITY—but turned its back on its legacy as a part of a Democratic Republic in favor of REALPOLITIK (Might Makes Right) and the iron rule of the Oligarchy.

In a Watershed Incident inspired by actual UNAMERICAN EVENTS involving across the board corruption at every level of Government ranging from HOMETOWN SHADOW GOVERNMENT all the way to the HALLS OF CONGRESS – The Technicolor Girl trapped in a Black and White world comes to realize that she and a lot of other Americans are the victims of CRIMES OF POWER and despite the acknowledged differences between her own culture of origin and the establishment –ALL VICTIMS ARE CREATED EQUAL – because …. Regardless of who they are – where they come from or how they look – they are indelibly linked by the bond that is stronger than the differences between them that bond is THE CAUSE OF JUSTICE and the fact of their….CERTAIN INALIENABLE RIGHTS and because unlike Judge Judy –they don’t have stupid written on their foreheads they know the terrorists from whom they have the most to fear are THE WHITEWASHED CRIMINALS who perpetrate these CRIMES OF POWER      from within the fortressed citadels of so called justice where under cover of the very laws designed to protect American Citizens from the tyranny of government these HOMEGROWN COUNTRY CLUB TERRORISTS expropriate the benefits of government exclusively to themselves and a TYRANNICAL ELITE who think that George Washington and Our Founding Fathers started a Revolution for what? The sole purpose of facilitating a Red, White, and Blue SPECIAL INTEREST SCREW JOB for a great majority of The American People doomed forever to bend over under the yoke of A DOUBLE STANDARD OF CONGEALED INJUSTICE ever poised to err on the side of the DEEP POCKET BRAIN-LESS TRUST as represented by those PARATHIEVES who would be king based on the mistaken belief that WE STOLE THE LAND AWAY FROM THE INDIANS JUST TO GIVE IT TO THEM!

What in the hell is the matter with these people? ARE THEY DEEF? AND DUMB TOO? Can’t they hear the words of Woody Guthrie’s Song ….. THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, THIS LAND IS MY LAND, FROM CALIFORNIA TO THE NEW YOUR ISLAND – LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA BUT ENOUGH WITH THE HAPPY TALK! Every CITIZEN SCREWED however patriotic and law abiding has their individual limits as to just how much of a fucking they are willing to take ….so…. when a POISONWOOD POSSE OF BLACK HATS accompanied by the local sheriffs departments BIG SHOT FLUNKIES and a back up KLAN OF KNOW NOTHING BIGOTS LEFT OVER FROM THE ROSEWOOD RAID decide to run over every CONSTITUTIONAL AND CIVIL RIGHT SHE HAD and in the process managed to steal among other things that they pillaged.. Cody Cheyenne beloved Stallion “EL GRINGO” and in the process took his entire REMUDA as well –she is no longer content to remain A SILENT AND COOPERATIVE CITIZEN SCREWED as so many other Americans have.

Having been influenced early on by a Frontier Ideology and indoctrinated as a child to a Hey Rube and Code of The West mentality further complicated by her grand fathers excellent adventures with Pancho Villa …. Not to mention being subliminally affected by the Marlon Brando’s Movie “VIVA ZAPATA” whose WHITE HORSE she greatly admired …and P.T. Barnum’s Political Diatribes, she totally rebels against the system! Once radicalized beyond the point of no return by a succession of events which finally convinced her that DEMOCRACY had somehow failed to include her – she decided to take things into her own hands –one of those things being THE LAW! 
With its memorable rallying cry of

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