Top Ten Reasons To Have A Revolution

Because as America plays policeman to the world and perennial do-gooder advocate for human rights around the globe, we have yet to publicly address our own culpability in the calculated massacre and perpetration of one of the greatest “ hate crimes” the world has ever known. The intentional murder and deliberate starvation of anywhere from 7 to 18 million of our own indigenous peoples, the raping and pillaging of their culture and the unbridled theft of their lands. Land, which had belonged to Native Americans whose ancestors, had been here thousands of years prior to the arrival of the first Europeans. Multiple Indian Nations we systematically wiped out with as little thought or concern as we engaged in the wholesale slaughter of buffalo for fun and sport.    
Patriotism in the good old days of America’s Wild West was interpreted as the noble enterprise of using live Indians as well as harmless Buffalo for target practice. Neither had to pose a threat to anyone in order to be faced with annihilation. All they had to do was to be within target range of where any patriotic American happened to be at the time.
As a multi- ethnic and multi- racial individual with ancestors on both sides of the Red-Man/ White Man warring world view, I didn’t need Marlon Brando to tune me into the fact that our government with its great Seal of The United States managed to reduce an entire continent of mostly peace loving people with ecologically enlightened customs and traditions who revered their lands and creatures with whom they shared it….to a heart sick and pathetically demoralized remnant of less than 240 thousand by the year 1926. This we did with much pomp and circumstance, patriotic fervor, and flag waving. We called it “progress”, regarding ourselves as moral and civilized, and those we so brutally vanquished by disease and starvation, we called “the savage Indians” on whom God poured his wrath!! So much for the separation of Church and State!!
As a Nation we have never even begun to address the issue of reparation. An issue more properly and intelligently addressed by Tribal Leaders than Myself. However, I am of the opinion that aside from their reasonable demands, America as a nation for its own good and its own standing in the eyes of the world, must make one grand and symbolic gesture of apology and appeasement as befits a great nation that wishes to consider itself moral and just, if for no other reason than as a public relations coup that could reap untold benefits in the years to come.
Though we can never return to them what we took or ever repay them for the harm we did, we can at least return to them that which they consider most sacred. The Black Hills!!
As regards that being a reason to have a revolution, I have this to say: “ A government that refuses to acknowledge and right the wrongs that it has done is by the very reason and nature of its refusal…a government that renders itself expendable”!!   
 Barnum’s Bad Girl of the Big Top 

Reason  # 2 

Because our modern day lifestyles in America, our sense of what reality is, our connotation of appropriateness, morality --- even our democratic ideals and religious affiliations have been so influenced, distorted and propagandized by a biased and cowardly press and a media who, like ourselves are so overwhelmingly manipulated and sustained by the Robber Barons, The Multinational Corporations, The Military Industrial Complex and all those various extended inhuman collective bureaucracies which like tentacled monsters of inefficiency only respond to the Big Wigs who wield such disproportionate wealth and power in Washington and around the world – that just as they now have the power to control the weather – they now have the power to structure and dictate the reality by which the rest of us must live. A reality based solely on the insane dimensions of their own solipsist mentality and mindless megalomania. Like Human Cyclops’s, their field of vision is so narrow and one dimensional, they are unable to consider anything outside the range of their own tunnel vision.
Our modern day men of destiny are for the most part like that memorable character in the movie “Citizen Kane”. Merely shrunken heads and stunted individuals who hide their monstrous flaws behind a curtain of quackery like “The Wizard of Oz”. They measure their value and worth as human beings only in comparison to how much power and wealth they can accumulate irrespective of their arrested emotional, psychological, social and spiritual development, thereby fostering a culture of greed and exploitation. Having been desensitized to an amoeba like state they can only achieve satisfaction and gratification by an obsessive drive to manipulate, dominate, and control the rest of us like the one dimensional playground bullies that they are.
From within the remote control areas of their technological ivory towers, financial strongholds, big business monopolies and Jekyll Island Conferences, these Good Ole Boy cultural maximizers are so divorced and alienated personally from what make them happy and whole on anymore than the one cylinder and wave length by which they operate, that it’s not overstating the case to say that these “Movers and Shakers” are virtually addicted to their own madness. Idiot Savants and Morons completely out of touch with all that goes into perpetuating a decent and livable life on this planet!!! Political pyromaniacs and perverse power mongers who are not merely Michael Moore’s “Stupid White Men”, but rather grossly empowered madmen who perform as the behind the scenes and pay per view Pied Pipers leading everyone to destruction to the monochromatic tune of their own internal discord. In effect --- the lunatics are in control of the asylum!!! 
Don’t imagine for one minute that you and I know what reality is based on our jaundiced perspective from within the eye of a “push me, pull you” consumer society whose only guiding light and directional compass is the bottom line.
It is only that long last alien world outside our own perverse paradigm of reality that is in fact real. But we cannot see the forest for the trees because as a society we are all so blinded by our own preoccupation with keeping up this market place illusion by which we are all trapped. An American counterfeit for the real thing that has absolutely nothing to do with the Republic Our Founding Fathers fought a Revolution for. An American Dream aborted by the Tin God Tyrants who proselytize the new age philosophy that “Greed Is Good” apart from any other consideration.
I don’t know about you but I don’t like being the helpless action figure and human pawn in a multinational Play Station Game as designed by the Super Wealthy and The Super Powerful who are increasingly robbing the American People of their autonomy, leaving us free only to do what they want us to do, go where they want us to go, buy what they want us to buy, wear what they want us to wear, eat what they want us to eat, and think what they want us to think, and to start wars when they want us to start wars. A giant all pervasive, no escape Play Station Game into which we as Americans have been sold into captivity almost one hundred and fifty years after Lincoln signed The Emancipation Proclamation. Sold out by a governing body of Republicruds and Democraps who don’t have the balls to lead our country as Statesmen and who have all but forgotten that their only reason for taking home hefty pay checks, assorted suspicious fringe benefits and questionable perks is to protect our “Right to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness”. A Government of The People, by The People and for The People, that is now so wedded and bedded to special interest groups, lobbyists, dollar diplomacy, the gas and oil industry and other giant socially irresponsible corporations whose number one agenda is to further enslave The American People to their money making schemes and Boss Tweed machines. In such a toxic and polluted environment it’s not the cream that rises to the top. It is the scum!!!
Big Business and Big Government are beginning to resemble P.T. Barnum’s conjoined twins “Chang and Eng”. Except that in the case of Chang and Eng, when not pursuing Side Show Careers they were hard working farmers and dedicated family men. However in the case of a majority of the Republicruds and Democraps who have defaulted on the sacred trust left by our Founding Fathers --- They are strictly Side Show Material!!!
Obviously it’s going to take a Revolution of some thought and magnitude to separate The Siamese Twins of Big Business and Big Government by which we are now being governed, which present a clear and present danger to all Americans.
More top ten reasons to follow. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are Revolutions! Especially Revolutions inspired by the technologically challenged, financially strapped, and socially stigmatized, “Citizen Screwed”.
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